Dialogue and International Workshops on

Innovative Approaches for Characterizing Protein Structures
Exploring Structure-Function Relationships using Community-Input-Based Collaborative Environments


The ProteinStructureFunction web site has its origin in one of the central themes of Molecular Biophysics: characterizing the interrelationship of protein structure and function in order to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying life processes. At the same time, the web site addresses the ever-growing challenges of data analysis and integration in an era of high-throughput biology, In particular, the site will address how new information technologies and scientific culture can transform the ways that biologists communicate their scientific findings in order to optimize effectiveness and maximize impact in life science research.

The advent of high-throughput technologies for protein structure determination, termed structural genomics, now produce unprecedented amounts of data due to the converging advances in instrumentation, automation and computing. This in turn has resulted in a paradigm shift in the temporal order of protein function and structure elucidation. Through discovery of numerous new folds and an even greater number of variants of known folds, these structures provide key input for innovative research into protein function. However, the novelty of these structures creates a challenge in that a significant number of these proteins are of unknown function and are, therefore, not yet associated with extensive experimental findings. A series of workshops whose output will be captured and presented on this web site are underway.

The next workshop, exploring SCOP-TOPSAN interactions and collaborations to enhance value of these resources for the biological sciences community, will focus on innovative approaches to protein classification using a combination of automated and expert-input based classification strategies for identifying protein domains and their evolutionary relationships.

Next PSF Workshop:

27-28 June 2009